Better Than You Can Imagine Book Cover

Better Than You Can Imagine
God’s Calling, Your Adventure

By Dr. Patrick M. Quinn with Ken Roach

Coming from David C Cook Publishing June 6, 2017! Better Than You Can Imagine draws on Dr. Patrick Quinn’s personal journey through becoming a foster parent to illustrate how every follower of Jesus has a “Life Gift”–a unique personal calling to pour into the lives of others that becomes your greatest source of God-given joy and purpose. The four basic principles unfolded are: 1) you have a gift only you can give; 2) the world has a need only you can meet; 3) joy is where the gift and the need collide; and 4) the journey that breaks you will also make you. You’ll discover deep scriptural truths and practical tools that will help you unpack what your gift is, how you can use it to change the world for good, and why we were all created to find joy in giving ourselves away to others.

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How to Ruin Your Child

How to Ruin Your Child in Seven Easy Steps
Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues

By Dr. Patrick M. Quinn and Ken Roach

In the face of the bewildering array of modern parenting advice, author and pastor Patrick Quinn, along with Ken Roach, shows parents a new way to make a positive difference in their children’s lives in How to Ruin Your Child in 7 Easy Steps: Tame Your Vices, Nurture Their Virtues (2015). Modern parenting tends to lean heavily on either behavior—what children do—or on education—what children think. A growing number of parents, however, are most concerned with identity—who children become. Patrick directs these eager parents to the ancient understanding of virtues and vices, the powerful forces that shape one’s character.

Modern parenting is all about being yourself, and helping your children be themselves. But we can forget that there is a shadow side to ourselves. The ancient way of taming our vices and nurturing our virtues reminds us how to become the best version of ourselves—the loving, unique, fully human people that God created us to be from the beginning.

Drawing on roots that go back centuries, the authors show how the tradition of the Seven Deadly Sins provides a framework for understanding how to help our sons and daughters avoid the traps that can corrupt and destroy their identity, while offering practical tools to nurture the corresponding Seven Cardinal Virtues that will empower children to grow into the best of who they were created to be.

In the end, parenting is not about what we do or what we say, it’s the journey of who we become—and how we transfer that down to our children, for bad or good.

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