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Guys, I think we have all had a man at some point say to us, “I need to talk with you man to man.”  When it happens, it catches you off guard, you get a lump in your throat, and you begin to wonder what you’ve done wrong!  If you know what you did, you begin to think about the possible options – fight or flight!  Do I run away or stick around for the action.  You may start asking questions like, “Does this have anything to do with that girl?  Did I take advantage of him during that last business deal?  Did he find out what I said about him?  Did I embarrass him at that get together last weekend?  What is it???

I think Jesus was the type of guy who said to men often, “I need to talk to you man to man.”  I think Jesus spoke to Peter, James, John, and the rest of the ragtag crew of disciples like this from time to time.  I think Jesus challenged the religious authorities, the political power mongers, and the rich elitists in this way – “I need to talk with you man to man.”  A few weeks ago my heart was set on fire!  Jesus stopped me in my tracks, in my busy life, and said to me – “I need to talk to you man to man.”  In that moment, I wondered what Jesus was going to say.  My mind raced with all the possibilities.  What if Jesus asks – “Why do you ignore this person or that person?  Why do you still struggle with that sin or this sin?  Do you even know me or do you just talk about me on Sundays?”  I was panicked when Jesus stopped me and said, “I want to talk with you man to man.”  But then Jesus, simply said – “Do you love me more than these?  Do you love me more than the things you are worried about me condemning you for?  Do you love me more than the sins you confess???

I said – “Yes Jesus, you know I love you more.”  Jesus said, “feed my sheep, tend my sheep, feed my sheep – Be bold, be courageous, let me be in you!”  And so the past couple of weeks, my sermons have been laser focused, specifically on the men of my church.  Women matter too, but too many men are absent, too many men are distracted, too many men are falling away, too many men have forgotten THE WAY!  And I am to blame as much as anyone for I am a shepherd in God’s field.  I have not called men to be holy for fear that I might not live up to holiness myself.  That stops now.  I am not a perfect man, far from it, but I want to be a holy man as much as possible.  I want to be known as a man that chases after God’s heart.  I want to be found faithful with little, that God might, by His grace, find me worthy to inherit the true riches of heaven.  I want a real adventure with Jesus!  That is what “Follow Me” really means – adventure!

Every man needs a relationship with Jesus.  Every man needs to find his purpose.  Every man needs to see the significance of his life.  Every man is looking for the Jesus adventure, even if they do not realize it yet.  Every man needs to hear Jesus say, “I need to talk with you man to man.”  Ever since that day, I have been trying so much more to be a “good shepherd,” to be a “godly man,” to be a “holy man.”  I have a lot to learn in this life, but I only want to learn it from Jesus.  So if you are a man reading this, I want to encourage you to stop and listen for the voice of Jesus.  Hear him say to you, “I want to talk man to man.”  I pray you hear similar as did I, “Be bold, be courageous, let me be in you!”  Life is changing.  Christ is changing it.  And it feels right.

6 thoughts on “Man 2 Man

  1. WOW!!! That’ll preach there brother! It would be a good book too… I think all to often we take to flight mode, when we hear His voice, we let doubt creep in because of our sin. I pray that He blesses you because of your obedience to following Him! Just know I’ll be in prayer for you and I love u brother!

  2. My Brother Patrick:
    I will have you to understand that I have never, ever, posted a comment on any blog whatsoever! I find myself understanding better today the words of Jesus found in Luke 19:37-40 when he said “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these (Disciples) should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.” I pray that you remain strong as you challenge the men of Frazer to be chasing after God with all of their heart! Many of our men may have fallen asleep in their faith and God is pleading for them to awaken! As we discussed tonight,I feel the electricity in the air at Frazer! Men are awakening to God’s call. They are responding and we must continue to beat the drums for revival as never before!

    In 1 Kings 18:22-39 God reminds us how Elijah mocked the 450 prophets of Baal as they could not call fire down on their sacrifice. They begin to cut themselves with knives till the blood gushed out of them but still could not call down the fire! Then Elijah took the twelve stones and he built the altar in the name of the Lord. He then had twelve barrels of water poured over the scrifice untill water filled the trench. He then prayed and the Lord sent the fire and consumed the sacrifice, the wood, the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench!

    Our God today is the same God that Elijah prayed to on that day! My prayer is that God will set our men on fire to serve Him! Light us up Patrick! I pray to smell the scent of wet wood on fire! I promise to keep bringing the wood!

    Encouraging men for Christ!
    Charles Hall

  3. Patrick, thank you for your bold obedience and your willingness to be a servant leader. Generations before and after yours are being blessed and our Lord is surely smiling as His child leads His flock. It’s an honor to serve with you in the building of His Kingdom. May you continue to lead as a living example of what God can do in someone’s life.

    God Bless,


  4. Patrick,
    First of all I want to thank you for being an example and listening to Jesus and seeking Him as if you are “mining for silver”. As for me, I struggle with the busyness of life and many days I put God on the back back burner without even realizing it. Many mornings I run out the door saying to God, “I will spend time with you tonight… I’m late for work” and when night arrives I’m too tired or I just forget. I truly believe the “busyness of life” is Satan’s best weapon (at least in my life). Thank you for being an example and I hope other men will stand up and start leading their families as the spiritual leader He’s called them to be.

  5. Thanks Charles, Chris, and Brian – Great insights and sharing. I too, seem to get busy and put God on the back burner from time to time. I really enjoying using the YouVersion Bible app this year to read through the Bible. I am able to take advantage of unexpected time – waiting for an appointment, or waiting for my children’s practice to finish up, etc. It seems I have more time than I realize, but with this app, my time is better used for study of God’s Word. Thank you guys for taking the time to comment! Blessings, Patrick

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