Why is it so hard to find Jesus?

When I was younger I thought the goal was to find Jesus.

I often heard people say that they had found Jesus. I thought I just needed to look harder, longer for Jesus. Where was Jesus?  Why did he seem to elude me?  Why couldn’t I find him?  Was this some sort of cruel joke?  Was this a game God plays with people?  Why did other people know Jesus’ hiding spot and I did not?

Then, when I least expected it, in the midst of my over-scheduled, busy life, when I wasn’t looking, when I wasn’t ready…Jesus found me.

Suddenly, he was anywhere and everywhere I looked.  His grace found me.  His love accepted me.  His mercy washed me clean.  His peace calmed the storms in my life.  His calling claimed me.  His kingdom gave me hope.  His face brought light.  His touch produced new life.  His heart changed my heart.  His mind transformed my thoughts.  His Spirit infused energy into my soul.

Where was Jesus?

Right in front of me.
Inside of me.
Beside me.
All around me.

You don’t find Jesus. Jesus finds you.  He is right there, right now.  As you read these words, a  world awaits to keep you distracted from him.  A busy schedule telling you what’s important “to do” today. A skeptical world seeking to produce doubt in Jesus.  A self-sufficient world wanting to teach you that you can only save yourself. A flashy world blinding you to Jesus standing right in front of you.  A material world keeping you preoccupied from a relationship with Jesus.

It’s a leap of faith to see Jesus.  To hear Jesus.  To feel Jesus.  To love Jesus.  To follow Jesus.  To open the door of your heart and let Jesus in. BUT…isn’t it also a leap of faith to let a busy world drown out all other possibilities? An even bigger leap of faith to trust only in your own self, your reason, your experience, your efforts?  Intellectuals, atheists, pagans, and philosophers have tried  to find Jesus on their own terms and failed. In their failure they exclaim, “Jesus, the Son of God, does not exist!”  They have failed in finding Jesus, because they refused to allow Jesus to find them.  Sometimes our pursuit of Jesus blinds us to Jesus’ pursuit of us!

Jesus is knocking on your door.  Tapping on your shoulder.  Go ahead.  Take the leap.  Let Jesus find you today.  He is a whole lot closer than you know.

Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with me. – Revelation 3:20
— • —

Thank you Jesus for the long trip you made from heaven to earth so I may experience heaven here on earth.  Thank you Jesus for grace that covers all my sin.  Thank you Jesus for love that changes a hardened heart.  Thank you Jesus for a cross and an empty tomb that ushers in abundant, eternal life right here and now.  Thank you Jesus for the adventure of a lifetime! Thank you that I never found you; you found me, and I am yours!


**The message “Follow The Founder” (John 1:43-51) will offer more on this subject. Click here to watch now – http://bcove.me/0jkjhsr3